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HOLLYWOOD – Rian Johnson’s Star Wars Episode 8 has a title the Studio Exec can EXCLUSIVELY reveal.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens has only just opened internationally but already Kathleen Kennedy is prepping Star Wars: Episode 8 and she popped into the Studio Exec Falcon to speak about the new installment.

You are already working on Episode 8, is that right?

Absolutely. This is going to be a crazy year. Genuinely non-stop. My husband was producing Jurassic World and I was doing The Force Awakens but at the same time we’re getting ready to start with Episode 8 in January of 2016.

Unbelievable. And you already have the story?

Yes. The story has already been worked out. In fact we’ve got the story right up until Episode 9 worked out. Not the details and the scripts are not locked but we know where we’re going and most of the beats.

Tell us more.

No can do Exec. You know many people haven’t seen Episode 7, so if I told you anything about Episode 8 that would give away spoilers and I don’t want to do that.

You must be able to give us something.

Well, I suppose I could tell you the title we’re working on at the moment.


The idea is that the next Episode will continue directly on from Episode 7 and so we had the idea that the title should reflect that continuity.

And so…

Star Wars: Episode 8: The Force Has Breakfast.

The Force has Breakfast?

Yeah. You see we thought, if I was the force what would I do one I woke up. Rian said ‘I always have breakfast straight after I’ve woken up’. And so we went with that.


Of course it wasn’t the only option. But it was the best.

What were the alternatives?

Apparently Lawrence Kasdan has a sh*t as soon as he wakes up. And J.J. Abrams flosses. But they just didn’t scan.

Star Wars: Episode 8: The Force Has Breakfast will be released in 2017.

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  1. its been so much rumors and gossip about star wars episode 8 its have to stop now the real fact is i know which name is for real titles for the eight chapter of the star wars trilogy let see like shadow of the sith or the rise of thrawn or rey journey or return of the first order or revenge of the knights or knights of ren legacy of the jedi these are the real titles for star wars episode 8 please annouced it by the end of 2016 to lucasflim and disney thank you and for star trek 4 its could be call star trek trinity in 2017

  2. ok they already made the annoucement for star wars rebels season 3 on sept 24 on disney xd so for star wars episode 8 i should name rise of the jedi now that the title for star wars episode 8 and for star wars episode 9 it should be knights of ren plus all the star wars franchise plus spinoff so after star wars rebels they should make the animated star wars based on the movie call star wars the force awakens the series on disney xd plus for star wars episode 8 let call the force within now that a good title tell the president of lucasflim please name star wars episode 8 that it thank you

  3. dear lucasflim/disney they already done fliming star wars episode 8 they haven,t name the title will i have one how about shadows of the empire now that the name of the star wars sequel trilogy plus star wars episode 9 knights of ren then all these star wars spinoff series if the president of lucasflim will decide the title after rogue one a star wars story i love star wars then i want universal to revive buck rogers in the 25th century then syfy will do the re-imagined of buck rogers in the 25th century for at least like 4 seasons im gonna pray for both star wars 8 and buck rogers revive thank you

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