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HOLLYWOOD – No sooner has J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek into Darkness warp speeded out of our memory banks than  Star Trek 3 teleports in with a leaked memo from Bad Robot Studios complete with film title and synopsis. 

Stark Trek: The Search for Kirk looks set to continue Roberto Orci’s trademark thievery:

Following their deadly battle with Khan, the crew of the enterprise come to terms with the [NEAR] death of Spock KIRK, but as they continue on their mission Kirk [SPOCK] becomes convinced that Spock [KIRK] is still alive on the planet where they launched the Genesis device  Earth. It turns out that McCoy has been implanted with Spock’s [KIRK’s] chaka-khan and a resurrected  Spock [KIRK] is alive as a small child on the planet surface. Klingons turn up intent on mischief played by someone from Taxi   Modern Family. Kirk’s [SPOCK’s] son is kidnapped and then murdered by the Klingon leading  Kirk [SPOCK] to say ‘Bastard Klingons, you killed my son’ 3 times.

 Stark Trek: The Search for Kirk will be released in 2015.

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