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HOLLYWOOD – Stanley Tucci hates pixies, it was revealed today.

The Hunger Games star spoke to the Studio Exec EXCLUSIVELY:

They don’t exist. I mean seriously, pixies? Little mythical things that flit about on butterfly wings with little wands? Are you kidding me? Children are dying in the world. Children. Did you hear me? Children! And you have the temerity to talk to me about Pixies!? Playing among the buttercups, perhaps? Sprinkling pixie dust? Ha!

What about the Boston post-punk band led by Black Francis?

What? The Pixies? No, I’m not talking about them at all. They obviously exist. At least they did until Kim Deal left. Now I don’t know what they’re doing. Not really. I saw them in 1990. Jesus, they were good. Quiet loud, quiet loud. As I remember Debaser was a pretty good tune. No, I’m talking about actual pixies. And when I say actual I mean the ones that don’t exist.

Why are you so hot under the collar about them?

Well, I’m not. You brought them up.

Did I? Sorry.

Stanley Tucci will be available in 2017.

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