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Donald Trump is to be the subject of Spike Lee’s new joint The 25th Amendment. 

BlackKklansman already made it clear – as if it were a mystery – that director Spike Lee is no fan of Donald Trump. But what we didn’t know is that his next film is going to take on the 45th President of the United States of America directly. 

The 25th Amendment is going to be a remake of the 25th Hour but with Donald Trump taking over the role played by Edward Norton in the original. An old friend of the Studio Exec Spike spoke EXCLUSIVELY about his plans:

Hey SE, how’s it hanging? I been going crazy about this Trump situation. That orange muthafucka is just an out and out racist. So I got the idea of his cabinet invoking the 25th Amendment and it’s his last day in office and he just goes walkabout. It’s gonna be a New York movie like the original and at the end that muthafucka is getting his ass thrown in jail, Mueller style.

So it’ll be the same ending as well?

No. Because when Eddie goes to jail at the end of the original, you’re kinda sorry he’s going. This is goin’ to be a happy ending.

Image courtesy of @ThePixelFactor.

25th Amendment will be out in 2020.

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