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RIO DE JANERO – Oldboy and Do the Right Thing director, Spike Lee has written a letter of reply to Juan Luis Garcia, a poster designer who claimed that his poster designs were used without adequate compensation to publicize Spike’s new movie. To read the full letter, click on. 

Yo Juan Luis Garcia,

I hear you been bitchin’ about me and the money you think is owed to you because you did some drawings and we used drawings to do the posters and it took you two months to do the drawings which makes me go Woah! Two months just to do drawings. I made the entire film in that time. Or nearly.

Listen, yo. You gotta understand I’m a busy man. If I ain’t turning a convicted rapist into a stand up comedian for HBO, then I’m tweeting people’s addresses as if they’re George Zimmerman. Ha ha. Hey, you don’t happen to know where he lives by the way, do you? Just I’d damn like to get it right next time. 

 Anyway. You say I’m a friend to the artist and I am. So here’s the thing. You can’t just go round complaining about shit and doing drawings. You have to be original. I think all my ideas up myself. See this Oldboy here, that’s my ORIGINAL idea. I watched Chan-wook Park’s Oldboy and I thought to myself: ‘I could remake that’. That was an ORIGINAL idea that no one else has ever had and that is why I’m rewarded with the kudos and the dollars.

So go get yourself some original ideas. Do some more drawings. Don’t take so long this time. And I wish you luck. Truly. Peace out.



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  1. I guess when its time to pay spike goes street but when hes sipping don he dont play that role for sure

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