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BROOKLYN – Maverick director Spike Lee confirmed this week he will be remaking classic Kung Fu pic Enter the Dragon.

Following the 2013 Oldboy remake starring Josh Brolin, Spike Lee is to make Enter the Dragon.

Spike cordially told the Studio Exec:

I’ve had a taste of Far East cinematic cuisine and just like the actual cuisine of the Far East, it has left me hungry for more. Now I have a real grasp of the action dynamics and this time I will be going full out.

The new Enter the Dragon will star Ken Jeong of The Hangover ‘fame’ in the role made famous by Bruce Lee, Lee, a martial artist who agrees to participate in a tournament the better to spy on the doings of an evil crime lord. Billy Bob Thornton will play Roper, the American who aids Lee, a role originally played by cult movie legend John Saxon in the 1973 original.

In his usual laid back style, Spike Lee confided in Studio Exec:

The idea originally came from Bob Weinstein. He said ‘Your name is Lee. And Bruce Lee’s name is Lee! It’s meant to be.’ I was bowled over. I said, ‘Bob, the way you put things together is visionary.’  Also, everyone agreed that my Oldboy was so much better than Chan-wook Park’s frankly infantile effort. So then it occurred to me that although Enter the Dragon has this cult status, it isn’t really a very good film and it has almost no comedy routines. Ken Yeong will change that and I’ll direct the hell of it.

Enter the Dragon: A Spike Lee Joint will be released in 2018.

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  1. Are you out of your fucking mind Spike Lee. It was Bruce Lee’s last movie that made him recognize. It was more a last resort for the legendary kung-fu master, and it was one of the best Martial arts movie ever created. Now you wanna take that shit away from Bruce Lee Fans.

    1. I fucken agree too, you cant remake a Bruce Lee movie with out Bruce Lee it’s stupid your gonna destroy Enter the Dragon reputation by making this movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. This is all just a really bad joke,right ?! For wasn’t Tom Cruise supposed to play Bruce Lee’s role(as a white boy version of Lee) and LL Cool J as a combo of both Roper and Williams(only that he gets to live in this supposed remake ?

  3. I like Spike but something’s are best left alone. It has been 31 years since Bruce Lee’s passing and after many many attempts no one not even Jackie Chan has come close to Bruce in charisma, technique or star power. I saw that piece of trash the Green Hornet talking about rolling over in the grave, what a joke. I won’t waste my money this time to borrow a couple of lines from the original movie, Don’t try and con me Mr. Spike, it will be to bad trying to look good.

    RIP Bruce and Jim

  4. Re-make Enter the Dragon? Spike can do this but I’m not 100% if it’ll work out better only because Bruce Lee had such a presence on the screen….I have an idea about an Asian/warrior themed film that’s NEVER been done and is much much more sexy…..

  5. I’m glad to see Spike Lee getting an opportunity to direct this film. However, I totally disagree when he supposedly(did he really say that?)said that Enter The Dragon was/is not really a good film…I also would have preferred that they make an ENTER THE DRAGON Sequel…Where the main character is the SON OF BRUCE LEE…Because NO ONE, TODAY CAN APPROXIMATE THE SCREEN PRESENCE & EXCITEMENT OF BRUCE LEE…Either way, I wish Spike Lee much continued success, as he is one of my creative heroes… Peace… 🙂

  6. im all about a re-make, but the actors your choosing are horrible… really, billy bob is like 70 and kim joeng could never pull off bruce lee… atleast not for any real bruce lee fan.

  7. Enter the Dragon was one of the greatest martial arts movies ever made. Spike Lee is a good director but he does not have a martial arts background and is not qualified to make this movie. So far his cast members sucks. If directors like John Woo or the director of the movie “The raid:Redemtion” has not tried it Spike don’t touch it. I can do a better job of picking your cast members. Spike consider actors like Tony jaa or Jet Lee to play Bruce Lee. Mark Dacacos to play Roper (John Saxon role). Wesley Snipes or Michael Jai White to play Williams (Jim Kelly role) . Spike please pick a good Fight/Martial Arts choreographer. RIP Bruce Lee and Jim Kelly dragons forever.

  8. WORST IDEA…EVER!! Its sacrilege to remake this film…but if it’s gonna get made, I’d rather have Quentin Tarantino direct this flick!

  9. I hope this is a joke. I will start a petition to stop this nonsense! No one should try to make over ANY Bruce Lee movie. Especially Spike Lee!

  10. Ken Yeong …Mr. Chow as Bruce Lee ???

    Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Tooaloo madafaka

    1. I agree with U on this idea. But people can’t seem 2 simply, Express their opinions about an American film legend without being vulgar and racist. SMH

  11. Really Spike?!?
    You have too many “YES MEN” around you. Make your own movie…not our beloved Enter the Dragon. You can call your comedy piece/movie The Dragon Enter.
    How would you feel if someone remade Mo’ Better Blues, Do The Right Thing, Crooklyn, School Daze, She’s Gotta Have it, and Jungle Fever into a comedy?

  12. The Studio Exec is a satirical website which publishes spoof articles except for the ones which are real. To be honest we don’t know which is which but we are confident that you are more intelligent than us and will be able to work it out.

  13. You can make the Black Dragon movie, please read Victory Comics Inc. We have many comic books like the Floyd Patterson and Larry Holmes story’s. Any of our comic book would make an great movie. The George Harris Graphic Novel tells the story of the first black judo player.

  14. NOBODY will ever replace Bruce Lee, so why even attempt it? The original wasn’t funny enough Spike? Really?! It wasn’t SUPPOSED to be funny – they didn’t go to Hans Island for a laugh and carry on! I need to take this announcement as a joke, otherwise I’m veered towards feeling it’s almost blasphemy. Bruce is a legend for a reason…. BEST martial arts movie ever made featuring the best martial artist who has ever lived – the man created his own art and perfected it by his early 20’s and it has yet to be surpassed by any other. For the love of film, don’t do this Spike. Jackie Chan has mastered the comedic/action role, so why do this? Let Bruce and his screen genius rest in peace. What next? “Game of Death – The Road Trip”?? Bad move Spike. Oh, and with the greatest of respect, I really don’t think that the fact you share the same surname as Bruce is a “sign” of any sorts – and certainly not one to go and trash his classic movie. Not that you’re a bad director – on the contrary – it’s just inevitable, the original is flawless.

  15. I agree with Stuart Parry… Rather remake “The Last Dragon’… Please not “Enter the Dragon”…

  16. The most ridiculous thing I’ve ever read. Spike Lee has no business doing that. That’s why he’s racist!

  17. No dont do it please not a remake of a great classic kung fu film of the late great bruce lee it just will not be the same it will kill it leave it as bruce made it just dont do another please a massive fan of the late great bruce lee r.i.p master

  18. Looks like someone feels irrelavant again…. Same old Spike….

    OHHHH, I had some chinese food and now I want more!! I’ll remake Enter the Dragon!

    What a fool…. leave action remakes to actual film makers…

  19. Spike Lee, you’re an idiot. Why don’t you write your own martial art film instead of ruining a classic. You’re a filmmaker. Make something new! Then see how it stands up against the original Enter The Dragon. But I don’t think it will even come close. I hope the Lee Estate, Bruce Lee Enterprises, and Bruce’s family members will block the making of this fiasco.

  20. I’m probably the biggest Bruce Lee fan alive. The only one probably worthy of producing and directing such a flick would be Sammo Kam-Bo Hung or maybe John Wu.

  21. Please God!! let it not be! strike this man down!
    Let the original stand to be one of the best martial art movies ever!!!
    WTF is going on here???? this cannot happened!! it will not happened!!!

  22. Please don’t take away what Bruce Lee stood for. To him and many martial artist this way of life is not a joke, it’s how we live under a code of honor. The military use these arts to survive while fighting for our country, the police use these arts to save lives as well as their own. To make a joke for what we believe is a insult to the martial way. If you want to make a movie talk to the Masters who are not recognized for their contributions. Master like Albert Cheeks, Mike Warren, Victor Moore, Furman Marshall, etc… now that my friend is a story to be told

  23. Spike, you’re at the end of your rope. You tried remaking Old Boy and that didn’t go too well… now you’re going to remake Enter The Dragon? …well, good luck.

  24. Bruce Lee is the Father of the Martial Arts in America. Like Jesus who gave us eternal life left us too early, Bruce gave us the complete Martial Arts, and left us too early. Making the comparison of Jesus and Bruce is not my intention. Just would like the fact that we should ponder how such great men teach us by doing and sharing their knowledge for the betterment of all Gods creatures.

  25. Hey idiot, your first name is Spike! Sooo, does that mean you should drive your head in even with a railroad tie?? I think it’s meant to be!

  26. What a crock of shit. Why ruin one of the most iconic Martial Arts films of all time. Heres a novel idea! COME UP WITH SOMETHING NEW!!!!!

  27. Totally Absurd!
    Who on earth would attempt this. Bruce was Enter the Dragon. This project should never be allowed.

  28. It’s been remade as mortal combat and other kung fu flick.it’s time for letting someone else try it

  29. It quite scary how people have read this and don’t get that IT’S OBVIOUSLY A JOKE!!
    When you people read stuff on the Internet do you disengage your brains?

  30. this will be real interesting, there’s some real good talent out their. Spike try to get the people who put together the fight scenes in the Raid Redemption. The main star if those films would do a great job. You can’t give this role to any martial artist that hasn’t mastered Wing Chun kung Fu. They won’t move the same and would be totally disrespectful to the late Mr.Lee better yet get the guy who played in all the ip man films.

  31. this will be real interesting, there’s some real good talent out their. Spike try to get the people who put together the fight scenes in the Raid Redemption. The main star of those films would do a great job. You can’t give this role to any martial artist that hasn’t mastered Wing Chun kung Fu. They won’t move the same and would be totally disrespectful to the late Mr.Lee better yet get the guy who played in all the ip man films.

  32. “Your name’s Lee, his name was Lee, it was meant to be.” THIS is a “visionary” statement? From the man who gave us Malcolm X, I am beyond disappointed to read your views on this. Some films are not meant to be remade. This is one of them. You appeared in the documentary “How Bruce Lee Changed The World” and spoke so passionately about the man, how can you be so hypocritical as to go ahead and think that injecting comedy into the film is going to improve it in any way? Bruce Lee was the greatest martial artist that ever lived and you’ve got a guy famous for jumping out a car trunk naked playing him? Disrespectful, needless and a waste of your time and talent – why not give us some new, original work?

  33. Please say this is a joke! I’ve seen Enter the Dragon so many times I stopped counting after 60 times. I know most of the lines by heart. There’s no way this movie could be made without Bruce (or maybe Brandon) Lee!

  34. Enter the Dragon is the movie that Bruce had waited his whole adult life to make. His masterpiece. First big American/Chinese made film and now Spike wants to ruin the legacy of Bruce Lee and this film with a cheap remake. He has some big shoes to fill trying to live up to the original film. Good luck your going to need it.

  35. I’m already pretty much NOT a Spike Lee fan and if he actually goes through with this I definitely WON’T be a Spike Le fan! Bruce Lee made Enter The Dragon what it was, it was his last film, and his final masterpiece. Spike Lee needs to get original and come up with his own idea! What a pos Spike Lee truly is!!

  36. Bruce Lee was Enter the Dragon 1973 no one can replace the legend
    i feel the term remake is incorrect
    copy cover version, may be, but for sure a copy, what ever may appear it take’s away nothing from the 1973 Master’s Bruce Lee legacy, that remains as it will be a 1000 years or more from now

  37. What a joke, and what a jerk. Spike Lee sucks period, racist scum. Anyway, all the dimwits in Hollywood can do is try to remake already-great movies; they have no imagination, all they can spew-out is poorly-made, politically-correct garbage. Bruce Lee in his coffin is more of a martial artist than any amateurs they can disguise with wires an CG effects.

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