LONDON – After filming A.I. and then the announcement of the production of Stanley Kubrick’s Napoleon script as a mini-series, Steven Spielberg has now announced he’s moving into Stanley Kubrick‘s house in Hertfordshire, near St. Albans.

‘I’ll be dressing up in his clothes,’ said Hook director Steven Spielberg. ‘I’d grow a beard like his as well, but I’ve already got one.’

Childwickbury Manor was Kubrick’s home from the late seventies on, as well as the nerve centre for his film making. Stanley Kubrick’s widow – Christiane – said that it was nice to have a little bit of company, even if, at first, she had been a little put out by the Empire of the Sun director’s sudden uninvited intrusion.

He loved Stanley so I know it all comes from a good place, but he’s been digging in the garden and I’m not entirely sure why.

Mr. Spielberg’s declared intention to make Kubrick’s unfilmed Napoleonic epic into a mini-series was greeted by a massive heat wave in Australia, with devastating bush fires and droughts.

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