HOLLYWOOD – A special child murderers screening of Stephen King’s It has provoked widespread condemnation.

The Hoo-Har Movie House in New Mexico is to offer a child murderers screening of the new Stephen King adaptation It. Cinema manager Colt Breznev explains:

We heard the Alamo Drafthouse was doing a clowns only screening of It and we got to thinking. You see the thing about Pennywise isn’t that he’s a clown as such, it’s that he murders children. So if you have a clown screening chances are there’ll be lots of clowns there who are just well … clowns. We thought it would be better to ask for people who have murdered children.

Many condemned the idea. Marge Hotpot told the Studio Exec:

This is a ludicrous and disgusting idea. You are basically giving child murderers special treatment when they should in fact be put in prison or something.

But Breznev has responded to the criticism:

People are overreacting. We’re not encouraging people to go out and murder a child so they can get into the screening. For which reason we’ve introduced a cut off date. If you haven’t killed a child before 2016, then you don’t get in. If you have, in you come and claim free popcorn and a balloon.

It will be released next month.

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