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NEW YORK – Just when we thought we were out, they pull us back in: David Chase has finally confirmed that The Sopranos movie is a go, and James Gandolfini and Edie Falco, Michael Imperioli and Steven Van Zandt are all aboard. Details are scarce at this point but in an interview with leading French cultural magazine Chapeau, Chase intimated that the film will not be a prequel. Read his comments after the jump:

We played around with a lot of ideas and one of the most obvious would have been to have made a prequel with a young Tony make his bones, but people don’t want to see Jack Black as a young Tony, they want James Gandolfini.


Et allors?

So we thought about doing a later prequel which would lead up to the very first episode of the TV show, that kind of prequel, but the years have not been kind and CGI can do some wonderful things, but that ain’t one of them.

Mon Dieux!

So I bit the bullet and wrote from the end of the last episode. I showed that there is a hit on Tony and his family but it is foiled by the police who offer Tony protection in exchange for his testifying. Now here’s the clever bit. He moves in next door to Bruce Willis and Matthew Perry from The Whole Nine Yards movie. It was a piece of shit but still. And guess who’s running the local pizzeria? That’s right Billy Crystal and Robert de Niro from Analyse This. Again a piece of shit, but what you gonna do?  

Il est comme de la merde!

Thank you very much. I mean merci beaucoup! Ha ha. 

The Sopranos motion picture is due out in 2015. 


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6 thoughts on “SOPRANOS MOVIE IS GO”

    1. Really? Was it the part that said Tony Soprano would move in next to Bruce Willis’ and Matthew Perry’s characters from The Whole Nine Yards? Doesn’t take much reading to realize that this article is not true and the writer fabricated it as a joke.

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