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A man who police claim to be the Sony Hacker has been apprehended by the police.

The man, who the police identified as Matthew Broderick, is believed to be the leader of the Guardians of Peace, a pressure group who hacked into Sony servers and have been releasing embarrassing emails and pirate copies of films onto the internet ever since.

Officer Whickles spoke to the Studio Exec:

I’m fairly confident we have the right man. He has priors. In the Eighties he broke into the Pentagon war room computer, the mainframe that controls the nuclear weapons and he almost precipitated World War Three. Since that time he has been a person of interest and when we saw what was going on at Sony we knew this had his cyber fingerprints all over it.

As for motivation, Officer Whickles was quick to discount the notion that the Guardians of the Peace were objecting to the release of the Seth Rogen and James Franco film The Interview.

It appears to be more complex than that. We have email correspondence between Franco, Rogen and Matthew Broderick which clearly shows the hacking and the story behind it were concocted as some misguided ‘viral campaign’ to promote the film.

Matthew Broderick faces up to three films with Reese Witherspoon if found guilty.

The Interview will be released despite our best efforts. 


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