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DENVER – Reports are coming in that someone in Denver went to see that new Harrison Ford film, Para- something, Paratrooper maybe, or Paranoia I think. The customer was believed to be a Caucasian male in his early seventies. 

The owner of the Mayan Theatre, Denver, Colorado, reported to shocked reporters:

It was the early afternoon show. He seemed to have just wandered in off the street. He looked confused and seemed to find some difficulty in deciding whether he wanted a ticket or not. Finally he said the name of the film and we were really shocked. The film had been showing since Friday and we were actually using the theatre as a place for our tired ushers to take a nap, because no one had bought a ticket yet. 

Although no more detail are known about the man, a photograph was snapped as he left the theatre. There was some concern that the incident might provoke copycat attendances but fortunately there has been no recurrence of the incident and the ushers of the Mayan Cinema, Denver can once more rest easy.

Paranoia has been released and is now showing everywhere.

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