SAN FRANCISCO – Sofia Coppola will be directing the new Terminator 5 film, her agent announced last night. When Annapurna Pictures got hold of the James Cameron created universe we were confident they would take the battered old man-against-machine franchise and reinvent it with a fresh new twist, but no one expected Sofia Coppola to do anything that didn’t involve wealthy young women looking miserable.
Coppola told the Studio Exec:

I like the property. I think there is a lot of scope for imagination here. And I like the idea of doing time travel and Science Fiction because I’ve never done that before. Unless Lost in Translation can be counted as Science Fiction. Can it? No? Okay then I’ve never done it before.

Annapurna – which brought The Master and Zero Dark Thirty to the screen last year – have a reputation for giving their creative talent free rein and the results so far have been impressive. Will Sofia Coppola be allowed such space with what is after all a much… well some people liked the originals, hmmm? Industry watcher Bill Regard says yes.

Coppola has already read the story outline and made some changes. The studio would not have gone forward if they hadn’t agreed with those changes. So yes, I think they are going to go with her vision.

The Studio Exec can exclusively reveal that we have got hold of that amended synopsis and are publishing it NOW: 


It is 2089. 1989. Skynet Tiffany has defeated the humans is a wealthy but lonely young girl on the cusp of womanhood and keeps them enslaved except for Zipp Franklin a rebel leader who is also ignored by her successful Film Director Rock Star father. Zipp leads a new rebellion against Skynet Tiffany goes shopping utilizing special customized robo-suits and sings along to a bunch of songs from the 80s that it is unlikely she would know about. The final battle begins that will decide the fate of humanity forever Tiffany eats ice cream with her father and he realises what a wonderful person she is. 

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