HOLLYWOOD – The Beguiled director Sofia Coppola will remake the classic Sidney Lumet movie Network.

Hard-hitting media satire Network came out in 1976 and told the story of a suicidal news anchor who becomes a messianic prophet for television glued audiences. Paddy Chayefsky wrote the screenplay and Peter Finch won an Oscar for his performance as Howard Beale, the newscaster. Following the success of The Beguiled, Sofia Coppola announced that she would be remaking the movie.

We asked: Why?

Well, I think it is really relevant to the world today. We’ve just had an election where the problem became apparent that there is something very wrong in the way news is disseminated and consumed. And Lumet’s film was very much about that. The problem wasn’t simply the network and the corporations, it was also the audiences.

But the original film is almost perfect.

It’s okay, sure, but the issues it raises are so important I feel we need an updated version. We live in an era of clickbait articles touting fake news for gullible readers who shriek nonsense in the comments section. You see?

Sounds familiar.

Our film will tell the story of Sally Beale, Howard’s daughter and her work for an Alex Jones style conspiracy theorist. When they hit the big time, she begins to suspect that there is a deeper conspiracy involving the Russians.

Internetwork comes out in 2019.


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