HOLLYWOOD – It was probably inevitable that – following the billion dollar success of the Sam Mendes action  movie Skyfall – producers would want to cash in with a follow up and that indeed seems to be the case.

Mendes, however, has ruled himself out: ‘I think that story is finished. I can’t see anyway of continuing with what’s he called? Bond? Yeah, I can’t think of anyway which wouldn’t be formulaic.’
Daniel Craig – the actor who introduced ‘James Bond’ to the world as well as the slop that was Cowboys and Aliens – begs to differ.
 I’m interested in the character and I think there are possibilities, things to explore. We can take him to some different places. Both geographically and psychologically.

The Studio Exec had the opportunity also of asking Michael G. Wilson who produced Skyfall his views:

Michael G. Wilson

Of course we’ll be doing another film. There’s always the danger we’ll repeat ourselves but it is a danger we will do out utmost to avoid. While still delivering something which is familiar to fans.

Do you see a possible trilogy or even a franchise?

I wouldn’t go that far. I mean who wants to go and see the same character doing the same things again and again. We’re not imbeciles are we. No. I’d like to see the next film called Skyfall Part Two in the tradition of the Godfather. And if I’m following the tradition of the Godfather I definitely want to avoid a third film.

Skyfall 2 will begin production early in 2014.  

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