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HOLLYWOOD – Sir Edwin Fluffer remembers fondly Omar Sharif.

Sat what you will about Omar Sharif, but even his harshest critic would be forced to admit that he was a truly world class bridge player.

Yet there was another side to him that remained hidden from all but his closest friends. It was only a select few members of his inner circle who knew that Omar Sharif was also an Academy Award nominated actor with a career spanning well over 50 years.

I first met Omar back in the early ‘90s on the set of Mrs ‘Arris Goes To Paris when we were introduced by a young actress called Angela Lansbury. I’ll never forget his first words to me: ‘Neddy, how are you?’ he roared while shaking me firmly by the hand.

Needless to say I wasn’t the first or the last person in Hollywood to be charmed by that smile! It turned out that we shared the same dentist, and hand on heart I have to say I’ve lost count of the number of times he lent me his dentures. They were a perfect fit, and I was proud to wear them to the Golden Globes on a number of occasions.

When I pop them into that glass of water next to my bed tonight I shall shed more than a few tears for my old pal Omar Sharif.

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