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 HOLLYWOOD – The White House confirmed this morning that stars of The Interview, Seth Rogen and James Franco have been surrendered to the North Korean authorities and are currently being held in an unconfirmed location somewhere in North Korea.

The surprise news came following a formal complaint on behalf of the North Korean people and the Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un who had been angered by the trailer for the ‘comedy’. The film stars Franco and Rogen as an interviewer and his producer who on landing an interview with the North Korean dictator are then recruited by the CIA to assassinate him. A knockabout political satire, Kim Jong-un on seeing an early screening reportedly said: ‘It was no way as good as Pineapple Express‘, lacking that film’s subtle sophistication.
The State Department explained their decision:

Normally we protect private American citizens from foreign powers, especially those with horrific human rights records, but on this particular occasion … well, let’s just say we saw This is the End and were willing to do what needed to be done. 

But if James Franco is in a North Korean jail how will he write novels, poetry and write and direct movies?


The Interview will be released in 2014. 

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