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HOLLYWOOD – Hit Netflix show The Queen’s Gambit will feature Ker-Plunk in its second season.

Netflix announced today that Season 2 of The Queen’s Gambit will ditch chess in favor of Ker-plunk. Director Scott Frank spoke EXCLUSIVELY to the Studio Exec over a couple of Old Fashions and a chequers board. He sounded excited:

The big mistake when it comes to doing a season two of any show is that you end up repeating the first season. Everyone knows what to expect. They’re familiar with the characters and material and there’s no edge left. No danger. So for our second season we had really long discussions about what could stay and what should go.

And so?

The first thing was obviously the period. We were going to move with Beth Harmon, played by Anya Taylor-Joy, into the 70s and 80s. This means we get rid of the old music and in with the new. Expect a lot of Led Zeppelin and disco dancing. The second thing was to change games. The show won’t be about chess.


What? You’re going to make a show about a chess prodigy who doesn’t play chess any longer? That’s fucking nuts, Scott. Are you stupid?

No listen SE. It ain’t stupid at all. The arc of the last series took Beth to the heights of the chess world. Where else do we go? But what if she became interested in another game? A game that involved a different skill set, and totally different challenges. Remember how in Rocky III Rocky has to fight Hulk Hogan? Like wrestling instead of boxing. Like that.

What’s the game?

So the game is Ker-Plunk.

You’re high. 

It’s brilliant. Visually exciting, tense, emotionally draining.

I can’t even…

Man don’t be so negative.

But it just sounds like it’s going to suck a dog’s cock. 

For fuck’s sake SE, keep a civil tongue in your head.

And you’re still going to have Anya Taylor-Joy in it?

Yeah. She’s at Ker-Plunk training camp right now, visualizing it all on the ceiling.

The Queen’s Gambit: Ker-Plunk will drop in 2022.

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