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HOLLYWOOD – Sean Penn taken to hospital following suspected alliteration overdose.

Casualties of War and Milk star Sean Penn collapsed and was taken to hospital in the early hours of yesterday morning with a suspected overdose of alliteration. The actor took ill following the completion of his ‘novel’ Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff.

Doctor Hamill Cadence told reporters:

We believe that Mr Penn has been trying his hand at novel writing recently. And like many enthusiastic amateurs he got somewhat carried away. This often happens and I would advise anyone who feels like writing a novel not to. Please. We don’t need any more and the danger to your own health can be catastrophic. And not only your own health, other people around you as well.

How so doctor?

Alliteration is incredibly addictive. People playing with witty words, composing clashing consonants capable or creating catastrophic … oh my God! I’ve been infected!

Are you saying Sean’s sickness… oh no!

Nurse! Nurse!

Sean Penn’s new novel needs argggghhh!

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