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WASHINGTON – An apparently confused Sean Penn endorsed Donald Trump for President last night and will be speaking at the Republican National Convention.

Actor and part time journalist Sean Penn shocked the political and show business world by endorsing Donald Trump last night. In a statement issued via YouTube, the Mystic River and I am Sam star stated that he was officially supporting Donald Trump for President because of the tycoon’s promise to create employment in Mexico.

I have a very deep relationship with Mexico. It is a troubled country with many problems, not least of all unemployment. Mr. Trump is promising to not only build a wall, but is insisting that Mexico build it. This will give a much needed boost to the Mexican building sector and will also provide jobs for many of those who build it. Bricklayers, the guys who mix cement, truck drivers. It’s going to be great. Mr. Trump is also the only politician to really understand how to react to the threat of terrorism. His proposal to start a band for Muslims, for all Muslims is a great and original idea. All those energies will be put into creating music, which everyone knows is a great communicator of love and peace. As John Lennon once asked ‘who is the Walrus?’

Many expressed shock at Mr. Penn’s endorsement. Bernie Sanders said that he was disappointed in Mr. Penn but not surprised.

I had long conversations with Sean and am a great admirer of his work but after we talked for about an hour it became increasingly obvious to me that he understands only about every sixth word you say to him.

The Election will go on and on until we are all dead.

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