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HOLLYWOOD – Following clashes with Russell Brand and Stephen Colbert, Fox anchor Sean Hannity today said that he finds nobody funny and so he’s going to do it himself in a new HBO comedy special Hannity Laughs at People who are Different from Us. The 52 year old conservative commentator spoke EXCLUSIVELY to the Studio Exec:

I’ve tried watching comics and comedians but I don’t find any of them funny. They all strike me as a bunch of lame brained liberals who spend half their time warring against Christmas and the other half supporting terrorist organisations such as Hamas and the ACLU.  Stephen Colbert isn’t funny. He’s mildly funnier than Jon Stewart but Jon Stewart is only as funny as a child’s freshly dug grave by which I mean: not funny at all. Russell Brand is so not funny he goes all the way round starts to become funny again but then laps himself and lands in NOT FUNNY.

What about other comedians?

Who like?

Charlie Chaplin?

Immigrant, vagrant, communist, get a job.

Woody Allen?

Pervert, anti-Semite.

Monty Python?

Never heard of him.

Adam Sandler?

Now he is a funny guy. He’s funny. Yeah, Sandler is the man when it comes to comedy. You see some people look at my big Irish head and think I haven’t got a sense of humor, an iota of nuance or good humor because of all my rage and bigotry. But Adam Sandler films do make me laugh. So there you go I do have a sense of humor after all.

What is your own show going to be like?

It is a very basic stand up style that I’m going to adopt. Very pared down. Me and a stool. And then I’m going to give classic observational comedy. Like for instance, ‘have you ever noticed that Asians are bad drivers?’ Then people will laugh because it’s both funny and true. All my comedy is based on picking up on people who either through accident of birth, or sexuality, or life decisions, or hard luck are just not normal like me. If you’re a straight white Irish/American male I think you’ll find a lot to laugh at.

The HBO special Sean Hannity: Laughing at People Who Are Different from Us will be released in 2015.

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