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HOLLYWOOD – The Studio Exec is proud to announce that it has been given permission to publish extracts from Sean Connery’s forthcoming memoir Shaken Not Shtrirred.

I first met Loish Maxwell when we were doing a read-through of Dr. No, my first James Bond film. I wash very nervoush and I read my first line with shome trepidation: ‘Ah Missh Moneypenny’.

Loish looked at me astonished.

‘What wash that?’ She shaid.

I repeated the line, a bit nonplusshed. It had sheemed alright to me.

‘But it’s Missh Moneypenny,’ she shaid.

‘That’sh what I shaid,’ I told her. Terrence shaid not to worry I was going to get elocution lesshonsh before the shoot and sho I did.

Three weeksh in Harely Street shaying, ‘She Shells She shells on the She Shore.’ I told them they ought to get one more difficult.

That one wash a walk in the park!

Anyway, shooting began and it all went off brilliantly. Loish becameĀ a very good personalĀ friend, even though she was a girl and a bit lippy, and a Canadian to boot!

Shaken not Shtirred will be available from Amazon and all major bookshops.

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