Weekend at Bernie's Remake

HOLLYWOOD – Following the release of The Wolf of Wall Street, Martin Scorsese will jump straight into his next project, a remake of Ted Kotcheff’s classic comedy Weekend at Bernie’s (1989).

Originally starring Jonathan Silverman, Andrew McCarthy and Terry Kiser as the mortally challenged Bernie, Scorsese is rumored to be courting Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio to play the lead slackers and Jack Nicholsonhas already signed up for the role of the murdered host.

“Old Bernie’s an interesting character,” said Nicholson when we caught him after yesterday’s Laker game. “Bob Evans called it ‘The King Lear of dead guy roles’ and what’s good enough for Bob is good enough for Jack!”

Although Scorsese freely admits he will tinker with the script he also talked about the difficulties of remoulding an icon. “Bernie is a Harry Lime/Don Corelone figure,” said a heavily medicated Scorsese.

He’s an enigma wrapped in a mystery wrapped in a conundrum. Back in 1995, Daniel Day-Lewis and I discussed the possibility of him taking on the role but Danny said the only way he could better Terry Kiser’s performance was if we put him to death and he played the role from beyond the grave. Of course Danny was willing to sacrifice himself for his art and we seriously looked into the legality of killing our leading man. Unfortunately the lawyers said no dice so the idea was shelved.

We asked Jack Nicholson if he would go to similar lengths as Day-Lewis.

20 years and 20 pounds ago I might have considered it for 40 Million and 5% of the gross. And it sure would have been great to add a Posthumous Oscar to my collection.

Weekend at Bernie’sis due to start post production in spring 2014.
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