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HOLLYWOOD – Scarlett Johansson will star in a dramatic reconstruction of the rescue operation that saved 12 Thai children trapped underground in a cave.

Rupert Sanders signed on to direct Wild Boars, the film reconstruction that will portray the dramatic events of recent days that saw 12 boys rescued from an underground cave. The world followed with baited breath as the fates of the children were decided by a heroic rescue operation. Scarlett Johansson came in to talk about her new role.

I’ve been inspired by Norbit, the Eddie Murphy movie. I like all those films in which an actor takes on more than one role. Think of Peter Sellers in Dr Strangelove for instance.  So I’ve decided to play multiple roles in this story, which will really show my versatility so that people don’t just think I’m that trans actor.

So you’re not actually going to play the Thai boys, are you?

No of course not. That would be grossly offensive.

Thank God!

I’m going to play the Thai boys and their football coach.

Oh sweet Jesus.

This way I can really get into other realities. And anyone who has a problem with it can address their letters to Yul Brynner and Ben Kingsely.

That makes no sense.

I know.

Out of the Cave is out in 2020.

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