Monday 30 November 2020
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HOLLYWOOD – A re-make of Under the Skin is in ‘rapid turnaround’, according to industry insiders. Following the positive critical response to the sci-fi/sexual thriller, Hollywood took immediate note and looked to capitalize on the hot property.

We spoke to Scarlett Johansson who has sensationally been cast in the lead in this intriguing project.

It’s a real honor to even be considered for the lead in this project. The original Under the Skin is one of my favorite films this year so it’s a dream role.

How will this version differ from the original? 

It’s got to be its own thing you know? It’s like adapting a book. Certain things just don’t work in a big budget movie. So with that in mind I’ll be playing the main part as Black Widow, my character from the Marvel films. And it’ll be set in L.A. I don’t think people are ready for a two hour film set in bleak Glasgow housing estates and creepy Scottish valleys. The real meat of the story is there without all those contrivances.

And what about the radical format of the original? will you still be driving around trying to pick up non-actors and secretly filming them?

Hell no! Ha ha ha! How would that work? No, we’ve nailed a much more realistic approach where I drive around the back-lot of in-production movies in one of those little golf carts. So in one scene I just rock up to the set of a Judd Apatow movie and just start flirting with Seth Rogan and shit. That scene replaces the seduction of the man with facial disfigurement in the original…which, let’s face it, is just f*cking weird.

Well that does sound radical! And what of the other worldly motivations of the character? does she still have a somewhat nefarious agenda?

Ha ha ha ha! You talk funny! are you flirting with me buster? Ha ha ha! no, we ditched all that. No one wants to watch a character do things you don’t understand. In this version, we have a straight to camera narration to keep the thing grounded and she rates her ‘pick ups’ as she goes, it gives the film a bit more structure, and she sort of works her way up from sit-com losers to real movie star hotties too, so it’s more aspirational and will connect more with a young female audience. Now just walk towards me.

 Sure. I mean I have to go but… 

Shhhhh. Just keep on walking. Don’t look down. Almost there.

 Under Dat Skin will be released in 2016.

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