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HOLLYWOOD – Scarlett Johansson will replace Jeffrey Tambor in the new season of Transparent.

Versatile chameleon-like actress Scarlett Johansson is to play Maura Pfefferman, the role originated by Jeffrey Tambor in the next season of Transparent. Johansson popped in to the Studio Exec bungalow yesterday to talk about the new challenge:

I’ve done Asian. I’m now doing Trans. So what? You got a problem Exec, take it up with Emma fucking Stone.

Whoa! Hold your horses, Black Widow!

Yeah. And when I do the Black Widow movie, you know what we’re going to discover?

Black Widow’s actually black?

Damned right. How did you know?

A guess. So Transparent…

Yeah, I loved the series and Jeffrey’s work. But then the unfortunate accusations happened and he had to go away. Christopher Plummer is busy shooting Roseanne so I decided to step in. I’m already making a trans movie with Rub & Tug, so I reckon I’m as qualified as anyone else to play the part.

What about asking a trans actor to play the role?

Yeah, and we should get Abraham Lincoln to play Abraham Lincoln. Pur-lease!

Transparent is out in the Fall.

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