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HOLLYWOOD – After the recent video of him singing the protest song We Ain’t Gonna Stop, ‘Till People are Free went viral. Samuel. L Jackson has decided to record a Christmas album to raise money for the fight against racism.

Jackson, who has enlisted the help of legendary producer Rick Rubin to oversee the recording, is rumoured to be collaborating with various celebrities on the album including Taylor Swift, Bob Dylan, One Direction and Bruce Willis.

“We’ve been in the studio all day trying different things out, ” said Rubin:

“A lot of people wanted to be involved but we just don’t have the time. Bob Geldof offered to play the spoons on one of the tracks but we hid all the spoons and pretend that we couldn’t find any. We had to stir our tea with our fingers all day, but hey, it was worth it.”

The Studio Exec has managed to get a sneaky peek at the track list and the album is due to be released on iTunes on December 20th with all proceeds going to charity.

Awesome Christmas Mixtape Vol 1

  1. Black Christmas – S. Jackson

  2. God rest Ye racist, Gentlemen – S.Jackson/ Bob Dylan

  3. Spike Lee the Snowman – S. Jackson/ One Direction

  4. Santa Claus Ain’t Coming to Town – S. Jackson

  5. Little Drummer Bitch – S.Jackson/ B. Willis

  6. Do They Give a F*ck it’s Christmas? – S. Jackson

  7. Happy Christmas (The War ain’t over) – S. Jackson

  8. Rudolph the Black-Nosed Reindeer – S. Jackson

  9. The Holly and the Ire – S. Jackson/ Wyclef Jean

  10. Baby, It’s Mother F*cking Cold Outside – S. Jackson/T Swift


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