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LONDONSamuel L. Jackson boards Kenneth Branagh’s Murder on the Motherfucking Orient Express.

Samuel L. Jackson appears as the famed Belgian detective Hercule Poirot, creation of the English crime novelist Agatha Christie.

The Snake on the Planes star said he looked forward to the opportunity to show audiences his range:

People always try to put me in a box as an angry black dude whose always swearing and cussing. But with Poirot, I’ll be totally defying expectations and Merchant Ivorying the shit out of this motherfucker.

Director and bafflingly employed Kenneth Branagh said that Agatha Christie fans need not be nervous:

We’re going to stick very close to the original. It is going to be period and there’s the train and everything, but, you know, with Samuel L. Jackson.

Producers hope that if the first film is a success this could be the start of a new franchise with Death on the Motherfucking Nile, The Murder of Roger Fucking Ackroyd and The AB Motherfucking C Murders scripts already optioned.

Murder on the Motherfucking Orient Express is due for release in 2017.

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