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HOLLYWOOD – Avengers star Samuel L. Jackson has criticized David Ayer’s new film Fury after all his scenes were cut from the World War 2 tank warfare drama.

The Pulp Fiction star seethed EXCLUSIVELY to the Studio Exec:

I was on for this film so much. But David Ayer and Brad Pitt showed me zero respect. No one even sent me the script! I had to get a motherf*cking script myself from a Goddamned website. And when I read it, I couldn’t even find my part. I got that it was time travel thing. That was groovy. Captain America shit, I thought, okay, I’m down with that. But where am I?

So what did you do?

I just wrote myself into it.

You wrote your own part?

In felt tip pen motherf*cker! Absolutely. I wrote all my speeches, bits where I get like badass angry and righteous. It was all amazing. I mean I can do this shit in my sleep. ThenĀ I turned up on location and just got into it. Brad and Shia and all those guys were all in costume and they were like really surprised to see me. But I paid them no mind – they were just trying to throw me – and I got on with my scene. Nailing it. Again and again.

Are you sure you were supposed to be in the movie?

Of course, I was in the movie. I was the Goddamned star of the movie. Anyone try grappling with me I’d knock them over with a Goddamned glare. Everyone came round to my way of thinking soon enough. David would do some takes with me in them, told me to do what I want. Then he told me, for an exercise, they’d do some scenes without me as well. I didn’t see the point but the guy’s young so I said like whatever. I’ll be in my trailer. I go so the motherf*cking movie last Tuesday and I’m nowhere to be seen. That asshole took me out completely. I’d been Adrien Brody-ed!

Fury is on general release.

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