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HOLLYWOOD – Sacha Baron Cohen has dispelled rumors that he is playing Donald Trump in real life as some kind of strange prank movie.

Rumors that Sacha Baron Cohen is actually playing Donald Trump were scotched today by Baron Cohen himself as┬ámany voices in the Republican Party appealed for him to stop what they wree calling a ‘vandalism of the GOP’.

Speaking EXCLUSIVELY with the Studio Exec, Baron Cohen said:

I have sort of set myself up for this what with Borat and Bruno, but I have to say that I would be a lot more subtle. Well, not a lot more. But a little bit more subtle certainly. This stuff about Muslims I wouldn’t do. And the hair, the hair is ridiculous. I mean, talk about a suspension of disbelief!

But the photo…?

That’s something photoshopped from the internet. It isn’t true. I know I’ve sometimes pushed the boat out in terms of taste. I’ve tested the boundaries. But Donald Trump is simply no longer funny. If he were a comedy character of mine, I would have backed off by now. I mean he just isn’t realistic anymore. Not to mention you have to have some sense of social responsibility as a comedian. Sure, I want to make fun of America, but I’d also like to live here too. I’d like it still to exist.

Sacha Baron Cohen’s new film The President will be released in January 2017.

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