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HOLLYWOOD – Directors of the Avengers: Infinity War Anthony and Joseph Russo are not actually brothers.

Hollywood reeled yesterday at the news that the Russo Brothers are not actually brothers. The revelation broke early this morning.

A source close to the ‘brothers’ said:

Anthony Russo’s name is actually Michael Palace and Joseph Russo is called Peter Blinks. They decided from an early age that they should work together as brothers when as a matter of fact they were not.

Joseph Russo popped by the Studio Exec bungalow to explain. He was crying.

We didn’t mean no harm. We just saw the Coen Brothers doing so well and then the Wachowski siblings and even the Duplass Brothers. We thought: why not be brothers? It was all going according to plan until some asshole at Vanity Fair wanted to interview our ‘mother’.

Anthony Russo chipped in:

It was a great idea and no one can say it wasn’t. But it doesn’t matter anymore. After this last Avengers film we’re done. We’re not going to do anymore films together.

Avengers Infinity War is on release.

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