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SIDNEY – Favorite Australian comedy Crocodile Dundee is to return with Russell Crowe.

‘That ain’t a remake! This is a remake!’ Crocodile Dundee might have said on hearing the news. Yes, popular Oz comedy from the 1980s is to return with Russell Crowe in the lead role made famous by Paul Hogan. Speaking EXCLUSIVELY to the Studio Exec, everyone’s favorite Gladiator had this to say:

Being Australian, Crocodile Dundee was the best thing ever. Along with Mad Max it was the image that we had managed to project to the world and so I was really stoked when the opportunity to play him came up. Of course, we want to be respectful to the original, but I also think enough time has passed for us to bring something new to the party.

How will you update it?

I really love gross out comedy. Jackass and that sort of stuff. So I want to put as much of that in the film as I can. Have Mick get off his tits on drugs and vomit on a party of nuns, that kind of stuff is hi-fucking-larious mate.

The studio synopsis reads:

A New York reporter Caroline (Anne Hathaway) goes to the outback in Australia in search of a story. Here, she comes across legendary crocodile hunter Mick Dundee (Crowe). Impressed by his exploits, she decides to take him back to New York with her, where Mick finds himself a fish out of water. Or a crocodile out of swamp!

Crocodile Dundee will be released in 2018.

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  1. crowe is to big to play dundee. dundee is this guy that live out in the outback so would most likely be really lean. what was great about crocodile dundee when the movie first came out was the story was strong and didn’t need star power to sell it. the actors were relative unknowns. surely in all of Australia, there are some more unknown actors better suited.

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