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AUSTIN – It was revealed today that Ondi Timoner’s new documentary Brand: A Second Coming is about Russell Brand.

The film – which premiered at SXSW – follows the TV Presenter/ film actor / comedian / Katy Perry’s husband Russell Brand as Russell Brand abandons Russell Brand’s film career in order to concentrate on himself: Russell Brand. Although Russell Brand himself was initially supposed to present the film and give a keynote speech at the festival, Russell Brand decided not to turn up and the director revealed Russell Brand was difficult and controlling to work with and even attempted to block the release of the film. The film itself has had a long and tortured gestation period with a number of different directors attached and a shift in focus from the more general theme of Happiness to the more specific theme of Russell Brand.

Russell Brand has lately courted controversy with Russell Brand’s views that the social system is unjust and poor people are hard done by. Although this has led to many criticizing Russell Brand, including linguist and intellectual Sean Hannity, hardly a word has been said about Russell Brand’s true crimes. Not the drug addiction and revolutionary politics which Russell Brand talks about openly but the fact Russell Brand appeared in the Arthur remake, a fact that Russell Brand seems keen on everybody forgetting.

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Russell Brand features in Brand: A Second Coming will be released in Russell Brand vision.

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