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DELHI – Rudyard Kipling today issued a statement, requesting that filmmakers stop making films based on his books.

Author of The Man Who Would Be King and The Jungle Book, Rudyard Kipling today published a statement on his Instagram and Facebook pages. Essentially asking filmmakers to desist from making films based on his books, we publish the statement in its entirety below.

For an author to see his words imaged on the vast screens of the world’s dark picture palaces is – one would hazard a dream to cherish, nourish and enjoy. However, there is an indignity to the kind of visual literalism that has proceeded from the works I wrote all those decades ago; a vulgarity which never pertained to my original conception. I mean a fucking cartoon! Singing and dancing? Are you pulling my dead cold leg?

At least Andy Serkis endeavors to make a serious dramatic representation of my book, but why does it always have to be The Jungle Book? I mean Kim was by far the more interesting work. And there are thousands of pages that I produced which would merit some sort of dramatic manifestation. And yet no. Let us do the film about the talking snake and the little boy.

So please. I would like to request as forcefully as the literal dead white man which I am can, that you desist and leave me in peace. After all, there are so many other great works of literature. I don’t believe there has been a film of Pinocchio for at least twenty three days.

Mowgli is on Netflix.

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