LONDON – Only days have passed since the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton and Prince William Windsor spawned Prince George Alexander Louis Windsor, the latest entry in the longest running and most successful UK franchise since Harry Potter. And yet already Hollywood is making its move. 

“We’re thinking a cross between The King’s Speech and Look Who’s Talking,” says Richard Curtis, who has come out of retirement in order to direct the Royal movie. “So we’ve called it Attend on Whom is Speechifying.”
Casting has already begun though the most important parts have yet to be finalised. 

Patrick Stewart will be voicing the royal baby and Ray Winstone will be voicing the baby of his lowly working class chum, Biff. Rowan Atkinson will be a comedy vicar, but we’ve yet to get our William or our Kate, though Carey Mulligan is growing her hair out in anticipation.

Curtis – who directed Love, Actually and The Boat that Rocked – has promised a sophisticated intellectual comedy close in spirit to Mr. Bean, which he also scripted. 

Attend on Whom is Speechifying will be released in 2015. 

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