HOLLYWOOD – ABC’s new sitcom Roseanne will feature a cameo from President Donald Trump.

Revived sitcom Roseanne will have a high powered guest star in the coming episodes. President Donald Trump is apparently so enamored of the show he called star Roseanne and offered to appear in an episode.

A source close to the show had this to say:

Roseanne has spoken with the President and he was keen to get on the show as quickly as possible. I know that we already have some story lines worked out, including Roseanne getting a job as Trump’s communications director, following the departure of Hopes Hicks. The only thing we’re not clear about is whether this is just a story or whether the President intends to take on the comedian in the role as well as appear in the episode.

Other possible story lines include POTUS grabbing Roseanne’s pussy cat when it leaps on his lap. And confessing he has a cat allergy.

Roseanne airs on ABC.


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