Get out of my face LOHAN! screams Mitt

UTAH – Mitt Romney has stunned the world of show business by publicly rejecting an endorsement from Lindsay Lohan. Romney in a statement released this evening said that ‘While I appreciate Ms. Lohan’s gesture and especially her early work when her face still looked normal, I feel that I must reject her endorsement as she is not the kind of voter I am looking for.’

‘Usually politicians do everything in their power to gain endorsements and win votes from whoever they can,’ says Herb Minkle political strategist and pollster. ‘Hollywood stars, public figures and athletes are particularly sough after, but in this case the Romney camp obviously felt Lindsay Lohan wasn’t so much an accident waiting to happen as an accident that had begun happening, was in the midst of happening and might continue happening for some time.’

The Obama camp have already begun to use Lindsay Lohan in a series of attack ads entitled ‘Don’t do a Lohan: Vote Obama!’

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