Fixed grin

UTAH – In a telephone call to donors, Governor and almost President Mitt Romney explained his failed bid for the White House by pointing the finger at one large fellow: Meatloaf.
‘With an election as close as this one any minor change can have a huge effect on the result,’ said Romney. ‘And when that fat oaf lumbered on stage, I knew the gig was up.’
  Romney’s campaign was already struggling to rescue momentum upset by the twin setbacks of Hurricane Sandy and the widespread rumor that Lindsay Lohan was going to declare for the Romney camp.

I did my best to distance myself from the Lindsay Lohan endorsement and Adam Sandler as well. Andy Garcia was for me and he was great in The Untouchables but people remember him for being in the worst Godfather movie. But that night in Defiance, Ohio, when Meatloaf took the stage, I knew I no longer had a Bat out of Hell’s chance. 

Meatloaf was unavailable for comment.

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