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REVIEW – ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY – Mrs Stephen Hawking takes to divorce quite well, all things considered.

Okay so if we are going to have an annual Star Wars movie, do we want them to be good so they’ll continue forever, or crash and burn so we can start on some new myths? Well, looks like we’re going to be getting a few decades of dad’s nostalgia at least. Rogue One is pretty good stuff. It’s Battle Beyond the Stars meets the Dirty Dozen.

Felicity Jones plays Jin, a young girl whose Albert Speerish father (Mads Mikkelsen, who’d I’d watch play ping-pong) is kidnapped by Ben Mendelsohn’s Orson Krennic. Jump disconcertingly forward in time and Jin is being rescued from prison by rebels who are searching for her father via Forest Whitaker.

But this is all kind of a jumble and the scissor cuts and inserts of re-shoots are most evident in the clumsy first act. But once the gang start to gather an unlikely bunch of heroes to partake in a suicide mission, things begin to work very well indeed. Jin is joined by a sarcastic robot, Riz Ahmed as a renegade pilot, a Mexican dude (Diego Luna), a blind monk of the force (Donnie Yen) and a dude with a gun. Gareth Edwards handles the action well, and – despite the Empire’s penchant for sloppy switch location – the action is both exciting and weirdly moving.

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