HOLLYWOOD – Musician and Emily Dickinson scholar Robin Thicke is to write and perform a Broadway musical based on the 1988 Jodie Foster and Kelly McGillis drama The Accused

Mr. Thicke commented:

Rape has given me so much over the last year or so, I thought it was time I gave something back.  

The original film earned Jodie Foster an Oscar as lead actress and was widely seen as a sensitive exploration of a sensitive topic rarely dealt with by Hollywood. However, the proposed musical has met with vehement opposition from women’s groups. The militant Women Against Thicke group have threatened picket lines and demonstrations. A WAT spokesperson said:

Robin Thicke is a moron and the last person who should be handling this story, and the idea of a musical also treats with too much levity what is an extremely serious issue. Our sisters in the band Pussy Riot have written a song called ‘F*cking Thicke’ which protests his commercialisation of sexual violence. 

However, Thicke counters that:

Those hairy faced feminists are stuck in the 1970s. I’ve single handedly brought Rape into the mainstream. I mean, the whole point of the story is does Sarah get raped really, or are there Blurred Lines?

But isn’t the point that she is brutally raped and there aren’t any ‘blurred lines’?

But then how am I going to get the song in?

The Accused: The Musical will debut in the Fall of 2014. 

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