SIDNEY – Russell Crowe announced today that he will be making his directorial debut behind the camera to finally bring to the screen Robin Hood 2, the sequel to his spectacular hit 2010 costume comedy-action adventure Robin Hood. 

Explaining his decision, the Australian/NewZealand super star said:

I’d been talking with Ridley for yonks about making this, but he kept saying, “Russ mate, the first film was an embarrassing disaster.” And I was like “that’s not stopping you from making Prometheus 2.” And he was like “Totally different, mate.” He said something else but by then I’d only gone and thrown the bloody phone out the bloody window.

 What can we expect from the new Robin Hood?

A lot more comedy. I think people didn’t understand that the first one was supposed to be funny. My accent for instance was a conscious tribute to Peter Sellers. People sometimes tell me, “Russ, you’re not really very good at comedy”. And I always say, “Stop crying, I only gave you a little tap. What’s the matter with you? It’s not broken, is it?”

What’s the story going to be?

S’truth, story? Get her! All right. Well, the first one set up Robin as like a hero. He’s got his Maid Marion and all his merry men together. So now they all go to New York, but he’s way out of his depth because he’s used to being in like Merry England like.

 That sounds a bit like…

 There’s this one scene where these muggers try to rob him and they have this bow and arrow and he says ‘Call that a bow and arrow’ and he pulls out his bow and arrow, which is like twice as big…

Crocodile Dundee.

 Never heard of it.

Robin Hood 2: Back in the Hood will be released in 2015.


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