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DUBLIN – Thousands of fans of 70s fish out of water Irish police comedy Rob O’Cop have been left confused and enraged by the new remake of Robocop.

Some Irish fans (or Coppers as they prefer to be known) even went as far as to initiate a local boycott of the cyborg-emy. Taxi driver and blogger Tim O’Boyd vehemently muttered:

It’s a feckin’ digrace! They’ve taken so many liberties with our story, to be sure. This feckless fecking space-man film is pure protestant racism. There’s ne’er a glimmer of the original Rob Murphy O’Cop who travels from Dublin to that there Detroit to track a gang of international potato thieves and finds himself in a strange new culture, don’t you know.

If it’s any consolation, it hasn’t been well received by critics either.

Critics don’t tear people’s arms out of their sockets when they’re enraged, like we Dubliners do. The family of your man, the original Ed O’Nines, a tyro guard with a metal plate in his skull, known for his brutal interrogation beatings, are still residents of my community and their lawyers will be in touch with these perfidious film-makers. What in the world is that feckin’ helmet? 

 Robocop [not to be confused with Rob O’Cop] is currently in cinemas.

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