HOLLYWOOD – Following on from Volcano Vs. Dante’s PeakDeep Impact vs Armageddon and White House Down vs Olympus Has Fallen, a new movie head to head smashes into the Moviesphere from CyberSpace as two rival Myspace movies get green lit for production. 

First out of the block is Roland Emmerich’s Myspace Prophecies.

It tells the story of two hip young cyberspace lovers who connect in the final days of the once mighty online culture of Myspace. As other 20 somethings frantically abandon the doomed network, our heroes cling to their cyber relationship amid the chaos. In the end, they’re faced with an impossible choice: do they venture out into reality and travel literal MILES to see each other or do they ride the storm into whatever dystopian platform emerges from the ashes? Shia Labeouf WAS due to star, but, well, you know…

Written by Alan Sorkin, directed by Gus Van Sant, MyFace is set to star Justin Timberlake as Myspace co-creator and ubiquitous ‘friend’ Tom

MyFace is the story of Tom, an everyday average multimedia executive entrepreneur with his finger in multiple digital pies who becomes the face of friendship to millions on his online community. As his star rises Tom begins to feel a loss of identity and begins to wonder if he really is anything more than a benign face lingering on the bottom right hand side of teenage girls screens across the globe. We trace the rise and fall of Tom and his eventual asylum in the confines of Facebook and Twitter, where his face still floats like a cautionary visage of hubris personified. 

MyFace and MySpace Prophecies will be released only to disappear without trace in 2015!

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