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LONDON – David Cameron – the British Prime Minister – is the subject of a new film called The Riot Club, which shows a university club of rich Brits smashing up restaurants ‘for a lark’.

Based on the West End play Posh, the film – directed by An Education director, Lone Sherfig – tells the story of the young David Cameron (Prime Minister), Boris Johnson (Mayor of London) and George Osborne (Chancellor of the Exchequer) and the nights of fun they had at Oxford University where they belonged to the Bullingdon Club. As members, Cameron and chums regularly smashed up restaurants, kicked children and performed ritual swan murders which were then investigated by the famed Inspector Morse.

Today the Bullingdon Club is alive and well. In order to enter, initiates need to burn a fifty pound note in front of a beggar and destroy the dreams of an adolescent.

Responding to questions in Parliament about the film, Mr. Cameron said he had nothing to be ashamed of:

As a matter of fact, I wish I had killed more swans, because I hate the purity they represent almost as much as I hate people who have to work for a living. They are, I honestly believe, scum.

The Riot Club is on general release.

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