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HOLLYWOOD – Ridley Scott replies to accusations of white washing in his casting of The Martian.

Another Ridley Scott – film another casting controversy. First Exodus: Gods and Kings, then his projected Roots remake and now this time his latest film, The Martian is the film under fire, though the cast includes gender diversity and racial diversity, many have argued that the film is still not diverse enough, with one of its main characters not being from the place that their name would suggest.

Ridley Scott popped into the Studio Exec Bungalow to discuss the matter and offer a rebuttal:

The film is called The Martian and it has as its lead character Mark Watney. Matt Damon, one of the best actor’s of his generation, plays the role perfectly and what’s more his name is a surefire way of getting people into the cinema. He is a star. And this film with the budget it has, not huge but still this is a big film, I can’t make that money back if I cast so and so from Mars, who no one has ever heard of.

But some are saying with so few films being made about Mars it seems a pity not to have an actual Martian in the role of The Martian.

I know and I appreciate that, but ultimately this is a business and the number of real Martian actors who can open a film are very few. There’s Will Smith and that’s it.

What about Taylor Kitsch?

Oh come on. Be serious.

The Martian is currently on release.

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