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HOLLYWOOD – Ridley Scott has taken the unprecedented step of digitally inserting disgraced actor Kevin Spacey into his 2012 science fiction film Prometheus.

Ridley Scott is inserting Kevin Spacey into Prometheus. The move came after Spacey  Scott removed The Usual Suspects star from his new film All the Money in the World.

The British director explained his actions to the Studio Exec:

When you digitally remove an actor, you have to work out where to put him. You can’t just delete him, because due to an error in the law that’s illegal. So we decided we’d put him somewhere no one is going to look. Prometheus can hold Kevin and there’s very little chance it will spoil anyone’s involvement of the film.

Some however contest that the insertion actually constitutes ‘cruel and unusual punishment. Legal expert Devin Pok told the Studio Exec:

It’s actually crazy. So far Kevin Spacey has not been charged with any criminal behavior. A lot of the scandal is sleazy but doesn’t necessarily stand up to anything illegal. The fact that he has been taken out of the Ridley Scott film is understandable. An artist will want to protect his work and the studio has a right to protect their investment. However, to then take that actor and place him in a movie as bad as Prometheus… Not even a murderer deserves that kind of treatment.

Ridley Scott will release the Director’s Cut of Prometheus released Tuesday night at seven.

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