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HOLLYWOOD – Colin Farrell slammed by Richard Kind for “norm-facing”.

Richard Kind has launched a broadside against fellow thespian Colin Farrell following the publication of onset photographs from The Batman. In an interview with the French Cultural Magazine Chapeau, Kind said:

It’s appalling. I saw it and I was appalled. You see, a chap like me we don’t get the handsome leads. We don’t get to kiss the girls. With our chops, we fight and scratch just to get small parts, best friends, angry bosses, characters in other words. Farrell is a fine lad and I like his work. But he’s a pretty boy. What right does he have to come along and take a part like The Penguin? He hasn’t lived our life experience. He hasn’t earned it. It’s just “norm-facing” is what it is.

Norm Facing?

The only me and me mates have is that we look normal. Ask Tom Wilkinson or Ciaran Hinds. We’re not winning any beauty pageants. But then they slap on a bucket of makeup on some pretty Irish boy and he snaffles one of the prime roles from us ugs. Look at Batman Forever. Danny Devito played that role. Perfect. Imagine how he would have felt if Robert Redford had put on a mask and taken it from him.

Colin Farrell however has not taken the criticism lying down. He told Deadline last night:

Richard Kind should keep his stupid fat mouth shut. I’m doing him a favour. Everytime he dines out now he’s going to be surrounded by young women thinking he’s me. Plus Kind and his kind are hypocrites. You didn’t see me whining when Richard Kind some years ago, put on a Colin Farrell mask and starred in Alexander, a role Oliver Stone had promised to me.

The Batman will be out in 2043.

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