OUT OF THE FURNACE: REVIEW – Beardy Bruce Wayne works in the steel mill from the Deer Hunter and looks after his brother, the coward Robert Ford, who has come back from Iraq with his Hurt Locker full only to become the least likely bare knuckle boxer since… well, ever.

However, things take a turn for the worst when in an attempt to settle his debt with Jesus Christ, the coward Robert Ford decides to fight for Woody from Cheers up in Deliverance land.

Ever since Winter’s Bone, film makers have been trying to remake it, but with boys and this is a solid enough effort. The acting is its strength, the ensemble manage to keep the melodramatic overdrive grounded despite the over-egged pudding of psychopaths, alcoholism, gangsters, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, drunk driving, parental death, love triangles, murder, pregnancy and revenge. There’s also a scene with a kitchen sink. 

The clichés come thick and fast – the hunter NOT shooting the deer (cf. Deer Hunter again) – but it is testament to the talent involved that I didn’t scream at the screen too loudly.

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