This isn’t a movie. It’s a war crime.

Few motion pictures compel you to give yourself a DIY lobotomy whilst you are watching them so if you find yourself forced into the unfortunate situation of being present at a showing of Movie 43, I recommend you bring something sharp, two hard stabs at your frontal lobe should do the trick but a third for good luck will insure you harbor no residual memory of the godforsaken travesty.

Here is a list of the writers who committed this act of comedy genocide:

Steve Baker
Will Carlough
Jacob Fleisher
Patrik Forsberg
Matt Portenoy
Greg Pritkin
Rocky Russo
Jeremy Sosenko
Elizabeth Wright Shaprio

Remember those names and remember them well, for those people must never be allowed to form letters into a sentence for the rest of their days. All writing implements should be removed from their person and in order to make sure they don’t try and pull a Marquis De Sade and write with their own blood and excrement: their hands must be tied and their legs hobbled with a block of wood and a sledgehammer.

It’s that serious. I’m normally not an advocate of violence but if it’s a choice between that and any one of them polluting cinema with another script, I’d gladly burn my Amnesty international membership card, dust down my tools and declare the Geneva convention does not apply here.

The world is full of talented writers who will never get the opportunity to see their work on screen and for them to produce such an asinine, uninspiring and worst of all, unfunny piece of shit is an insult to the craft itself and anyone who has ever picked up a pen.

All in all a truly ghastly spectacle. Possibly the worst film in the history of cinema and I don’t say that lightly.
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