I remember when John Milius wrestled a giant squid, strangled an alligator to death with his bare hands, wrote the entire screenplay to Magnum Force and single handedly invaded Cuba, all before breakfast. 

Everyone in Hollywood has a Milius story to tell that involves guns, girls and fights with mythical beasties. In fact, Steven Spielberg has a saying that the only living organisms that will survive a nuclear holocaust are cockroaches and John Milius. Of course, Spielberg himself would survive – he’d be in a luxury underground bunker with rest of the world’s elite, but the point he is making is that Milius is one tough bastard and it’s a point well made.

The new documentary Milius, dual-directed by long time Kevin Smith henchmen Joey Figueroa(Doctor Strange lookalike) and Zack Knutsford (Walter White lookalike), is competently produced and showered with interviews from Milius’ friends, fans and collaborators. Francis Ford Coppola comes across as a man who is pissed off that the documentary isn’t about him, Scorsese jabbers on about something very rapidly, and Harrison Ford‘searring is exceptionally sparkly. Practically everyone in Hollywood turns up to pay homage but many have nothing to say; they’re just there.

As a reminder to the world that Milius exists the documentary is essential viewing and the only major flaw is the lack of conversations with the man himself, which due to a recent stroke never took place, but the final scenes prove that Spielberg was right all along. Milius is indeed one tough bastard and miraculously, his best work might be still to come.  

Milius will be released at selected UK cinemas on November 1st 2013.
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