LOCKE: REVIEW – A man (Tom Hardy) in a car drives somewhere. The man is Welsh and has a head cold.

On such slim premises masterpieces are built. He shouldn’t be going where he’s driving. His sons are waiting for him to come and watch the match. There’s a big job at the massive building site which he is supposed to be overseeing. The drive will cost him his job, his family and everything that makes him who he is, but he is going to do it anyway, because it is what is right. That’s Locke. Named after John Locke, the enlightenment philosopher who first came up with the Theory of the Mind and identity. It is a fitting name because that’s exactly who Locke is. A mind trying to keep his identity coherent and intact despite the vagaries of the world around him, and the conflicting demands his own conflicting nature make on him. 

In what is effectively a one room drama, Tom Hardy cements his reputation as the most interesting and committed actor of his generation.  Stephen Knight directs from his own screenplay, knocked up in super fast time, and is canny in maintaining the minimalist purity of his initial concept.  This is melodrama done with exceptional aplomb. Get in the car and go see it.

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